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infrastation infrastation master 2011-02-24 11:49:23 master d269906f
Changeset r4254 Move "gateway" directory out of "wwwroot" and provide a mean to reconfigure
the system for the new location.
add - gateways/switchvlans/cisco.connector Diff File
rm - wwwroot/gateways/switchvlans/cisco.connector Diff File
mod - wwwroot/inc/gateways.php Diff File
add - gateways/sendfile/main Diff File
rm - wwwroot/gateways/sendfile/main Diff File
add - gateways/deviceconfig/nc.pl Diff File
rm - wwwroot/gateways/deviceconfig/nc.pl Diff File
add - gateways/deviceconfig/vrp55.connector Diff File
rm - wwwroot/gateways/deviceconfig/vrp55.connector Diff File
add - gateways/switchvlans/main Diff File
rm - wwwroot/gateways/switchvlans/main Diff File
add - gateways/deviceconfig/vrp53.connector Diff File
rm - wwwroot/gateways/deviceconfig/vrp53.connector Diff File
add - gateways/deviceconfig/nxos4.connector Diff File
rm - wwwroot/gateways/deviceconfig/nxos4.connector Diff File
add - gateways/switchvlans/vlantable-sample Diff File
rm - wwwroot/gateways/switchvlans/vlantable-sample Diff File
add - gateways/deviceconfig/main Diff File
rm - wwwroot/gateways/deviceconfig/main Diff File
add - gateways/deviceconfig/ios12.connector Diff File
rm - wwwroot/gateways/deviceconfig/ios12.connector Diff File
add - gateways/deviceconfig/xos12.connector Diff File
rm - wwwroot/gateways/deviceconfig/xos12.connector Diff File
mod - wwwroot/inc/init.php Diff File
add - gateways/switchvlans/vlandecoder-sample Diff File
rm - wwwroot/gateways/switchvlans/vlandecoder-sample Diff File
add - gateways/deviceconfig/switch.secrets.php-sample Diff File
rm - wwwroot/gateways/deviceconfig/switch.secrets.php-sample Diff File
add - gateways/switchvlans/cisco.secrets.php-sample Diff File
rm - wwwroot/gateways/switchvlans/cisco.secrets.php-sample Diff File
add - gateways/deviceconfig/fdry5.connector Diff File
rm - wwwroot/gateways/deviceconfig/fdry5.connector Diff File