0000483: [SNMP] Unknown OID '9.1.222' - Cisco 7206VXR (adoom42)
0000351: [SNMP] OID Report for HP Procurve 5412zl (adoom42)
0000528: [SNMP] Unknown OID '9.1.503' (Cisco Catalyst 4503) (adoom42)
0000338: [SNMP] Unknown OID '9.1.283' on Catalyst 6509 (adoom42)
0000775: [SNMP] Unknown OID '9.1.577' - Cisco 2821 (adoom42)
0000779: [SNMP] Unknown OID '9.1.619' - Cisco 2801 (adoom42)
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0001773: [IPv4/IPv6/SLB] Functionality to search for IPv4 Blocks by comment (Patch enclosed) (infrastation)
0001769: [default] Add Windows 2016 as Server OS type to dictionary (infrastation)
0001727: [default] replace GRANT with CREATE USER (infrastation)
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Released 2017-05-12
0001739: [default] Adding bulk ports visible label is not numbered (infrastation)
0001733: [default] Query failed during upgrade (infrastation)
0001343: [SNMP] Add SNMP Support for Cisco WS-C3560X-24T-L Switch (infrastation)
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Released 2017-02-08
0001389: [default] Date field has upper date boundry (infrastation)
0001647: [default] Installations fails at step 5 of 7 (infrastation)
0001635: [default] Pdo exception: PDOException (infrastation)
0001611: [default] The width of the "Compatible Spare Ports" in the popup to select a port is only 30 characters wide. This is a hard coded value. (infrastation)
0001663: [default] File Attachments/Uploads (infrastation)
0001683: [802.1Q VLANs] PDO exception when navigating to 802.1Q tab (infrastation)
0001645: [default] New SFP 1000Base-BX 40KM (infrastation)
0001595: [default] Location Filter in Page "Rackspace" does not work (infrastation)
0001609: [default] PHP Notices: Undefined index: height (infrastation)
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Released 2016-02-07
0001459: [SNMP] Patch for HP ProCurve E2620-24-PoE+ Support (adoom42)
0001417: [802.1Q VLANs] PDO-Exception, for instance when adding switch templates in Tab 802.1Q
0001529: [IPv4/IPv6/SLB] IPv4 pagination long load times and not user friendly (andriyanov)
0001523: [SNMP] Unknown OID '9.1.726' (adoom42)
0001507: [VMs/containers] Parent Child relationship bug (adoom42)
0001463: [default] Upgrade from 0.19.11 to 0.20.10 fails "Executing batch '0.20.8'" (adoom42)
0001501: [default] The following queries failed while executing batch '0.20.8' (adoom42)
0001479: [SNMP] SNMP gives error on OID ''
0001457: [default] PDOException on Rack Row Updates (adoom42)
0001499: [default] Type: DiskArray missing FAS3220 (adoom42)
0001489: [VMs/containers] Functionality to search for objects by comment (Patch enclosed) (adoom42)
0001487: [default] success_server not set in queryLDAPServer when using TLS (infrastation)
0001467: [default] RackTables should support TLS-encrypted connections to MySQL
0001465: [default] liveports ethernet selection is too specific (infrastation)
0001443: [default] Object 'object'#'' does not exist (adoom42)
0001439: [default] Object 'row'#'161' does not exist (adoom42)
0001421: [default] Contribution to enable switches from extreme networks to show link status. (infrastation)
0001425: [default] [CSS] Print-Layout with Path to Object
0001403: [default] The new Tag Picker lost the Tree part of Tag Tree (andriyanov)
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