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master a3b35de2

2011-02-05 10:18:05


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r4198 add chdir to make it work again
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mod - syncdomain.php Diff File

master e9eead1d

2011-02-05 09:31:36


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r4197 moving files, 39
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add - wwwroot/js/codepress/languages/css.js Diff File
rm - js/codepress/languages/css.js Diff File
add - wwwroot/js/codepress/languages/javascript.js Diff File
rm - js/codepress/languages/javascript.js Diff File
add - wwwroot/js/jquery.contextmenu.js Diff File
rm - js/jquery.contextmenu.js Diff File
add - wwwroot/js/codepress/engines/opera.js Diff File
rm - js/codepress/engines/opera.js Diff File
add - wwwroot/js/codepress/languages/sql.css Diff File
rm - js/codepress/languages/sql.css Diff File
add - wwwroot/js/codepress/languages/text.js Diff File
rm - js/codepress/languages/text.js Diff File
add - wwwroot/js/codepress/codepress.html Diff File
rm - js/codepress/codepress.html Diff File
add - wwwroot/js/codepress/languages/csharp.js Diff File
rm - js/codepress/languages/csharp.js Diff File
add - wwwroot/js/codepress/codepress.css Diff File
rm - js/codepress/codepress.css Diff File
add - wwwroot/js/codepress/languages/java.css Diff File
rm - js/codepress/languages/java.css Diff File
add - wwwroot/js/live_validation.js Diff File
rm - js/live_validation.js Diff File
add - wwwroot/js/codepress/languages/xsl.css Diff File
rm - js/codepress/languages/xsl.css Diff File
add - wwwroot/js/codepress/languages/html.css Diff File
rm - js/codepress/languages/html.css Diff File
add - wwwroot/js/codepress/codepress.js Diff File
rm - js/codepress/codepress.js Diff File
add - wwwroot/js/codepress/languages/generic.css Diff File
rm - js/codepress/languages/generic.css Diff File
add - wwwroot/js/codepress/languages/perl.js Diff File
rm - js/codepress/languages/perl.js Diff File
add - wwwroot/js/codepress/languages/sql.js Diff File
rm - js/codepress/languages/sql.js Diff File
add - wwwroot/js/codepress/languages/java.js Diff File
rm - js/codepress/languages/java.js Diff File
add - wwwroot/js/codepress/languages/csharp.css Diff File
rm - js/codepress/languages/csharp.css Diff File
add - wwwroot/js/codepress/languages/css.css Diff File
rm - js/codepress/languages/css.css Diff File
add - wwwroot/js/vst_editor.js Diff File
rm - js/vst_editor.js Diff File
add - wwwroot/js/codepress/languages/ipfw.js Diff File
rm - js/codepress/languages/ipfw.js Diff File
add - wwwroot/js/codepress/languages/asp.js Diff File
rm - js/codepress/languages/asp.js Diff File
add - wwwroot/js/codepress/languages/vbscript.js Diff File
rm - js/codepress/languages/vbscript.js Diff File
add - wwwroot/js/codepress/languages/generic.js Diff File
rm - js/codepress/languages/generic.js Diff File
add - wwwroot/js/codepress/languages/ruby.js Diff File
rm - js/codepress/languages/ruby.js Diff File
add - wwwroot/js/codepress/languages/asp.css Diff File
rm - js/codepress/languages/asp.css Diff File
add - wwwroot/js/codepress/languages/javascript.css Diff File
rm - js/codepress/languages/javascript.css Diff File
add - wwwroot/js/racktables.js Diff File
rm - js/racktables.js Diff File
add - wwwroot/js/codepress/languages/text.css Diff File
rm - js/codepress/languages/text.css Diff File
add - wwwroot/js/jquery-1.4.4.min.js Diff File
rm - js/jquery-1.4.4.min.js Diff File
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rm - js/codepress/languages/html.js Diff File
add - wwwroot/js/codepress/languages/autoit.css Diff File
rm - js/codepress/languages/autoit.css Diff File
add - wwwroot/js/codepress/engines/gecko.js Diff File
rm - js/codepress/engines/gecko.js Diff File
add - wwwroot/js/codepress/languages/php.css Diff File
rm - js/codepress/languages/php.css Diff File
add - wwwroot/js/codepress/languages/ruby.css Diff File
rm - js/codepress/languages/ruby.css Diff File
add - wwwroot/js/codepress/languages/xsl.js Diff File
rm - js/codepress/languages/xsl.js Diff File
add - wwwroot/js/codepress/languages/autoit.js Diff File
rm - js/codepress/languages/autoit.js Diff File
add - wwwroot/js/codepress/languages/php.js Diff File
rm - js/codepress/languages/php.js Diff File
add - wwwroot/js/portinfo.js Diff File
rm - js/portinfo.js Diff File
add - wwwroot/js/codepress/languages/rackcode.js Diff File
rm - js/codepress/languages/rackcode.js Diff File
add - wwwroot/js/codepress/languages/vbscript.css Diff File
rm - js/codepress/languages/vbscript.css Diff File
add - wwwroot/js/codepress/languages/perl.css Diff File
rm - js/codepress/languages/perl.css Diff File
add - wwwroot/js/jquery.thumbhover.js Diff File
rm - js/jquery.thumbhover.js Diff File
add - wwwroot/js/codepress/engines/khtml.js Diff File
rm - js/codepress/engines/khtml.js Diff File
add - wwwroot/js/codepress/engines/older.js Diff File
rm - js/codepress/engines/older.js Diff File
add - wwwroot/js/codepress/languages/rackcode.css Diff File
rm - js/codepress/languages/rackcode.css Diff File
add - wwwroot/js/codepress/languages/ipfw.css Diff File
rm - js/codepress/languages/ipfw.css Diff File
add - wwwroot/js/codepress/engines/msie.js Diff File
rm - js/codepress/engines/msie.js Diff File
add - wwwroot/js/codepress/images/line-numbers.png Diff File
rm - js/codepress/images/line-numbers.png Diff File

master ca79ed38

2011-02-05 09:30:50


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r4196 moving files, 39
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add - wwwroot/pix/tango-list-remove.png Diff File
rm - pix/tango-list-remove.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/inc/code.php Diff File
rm - inc/code.php Diff File
add - wwwroot/inc/triggers.php Diff File
rm - inc/triggers.php Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/tango-user-trash-16x16.png Diff File
rm - pix/tango-user-trash-16x16.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/inc/auth.php Diff File
rm - inc/auth.php Diff File
add - wwwroot/gateways/switchvlans/cisco.connector Diff File
rm - gateways/switchvlans/cisco.connector Diff File
add - wwwroot/css/jquery.contextmenu.css Diff File
rm - css/jquery.contextmenu.css Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/tango-list-add.png Diff File
rm - pix/tango-list-add.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/gateways/sendfile/main Diff File
rm - gateways/sendfile/main Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/racks.png Diff File
rm - pix/racks.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/tango-edit-cut-32x32.png Diff File
rm - pix/tango-edit-cut-32x32.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/servicesign.png Diff File
rm - pix/servicesign.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/tango-document-save-16x16.png Diff File
rm - pix/tango-document-save-16x16.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/tango-emblem-system.png Diff File
rm - pix/tango-emblem-system.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/tango-emblem-important-32x32.png Diff File
rm - pix/tango-emblem-important-32x32.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/tango-list-add-big.png Diff File
rm - pix/tango-list-add-big.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/gateways/deviceconfig/ Diff File
rm - gateways/deviceconfig/ Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/tango-text-x-generic-16x16.png Diff File
rm - pix/tango-text-x-generic-16x16.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/pgadmin3-viewdata.png Diff File
rm - pix/pgadmin3-viewdata.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/tango-user-trash-32x32-gray.png Diff File
rm - pix/tango-user-trash-32x32-gray.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/crystal-network_local-16x16.png Diff File
rm - pix/crystal-network_local-16x16.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/crystal-network_local-32x32.png Diff File
rm - pix/crystal-network_local-32x32.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/inc/dictionary.php Diff File
rm - inc/dictionary.php Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/tango-edit-copy-32x32.png Diff File
rm - pix/tango-edit-copy-32x32.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/crystal-edit-user-32x32.png Diff File
rm - pix/crystal-edit-user-32x32.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/download-big.png Diff File
rm - pix/download-big.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/addressspace.png Diff File
rm - pix/addressspace.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/tango-network-wired.png Diff File
rm - pix/tango-network-wired.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/tango-emblem-favorite.png Diff File
rm - pix/tango-emblem-favorite.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/tango-dialog-error.png Diff File
rm - pix/tango-dialog-error.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/node-expanded.png Diff File
rm - pix/node-expanded.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/gateways/deviceconfig/vrp55.connector Diff File
rm - gateways/deviceconfig/vrp55.connector Diff File
add - wwwroot/inc/database.php Diff File
rm - inc/database.php Diff File
add - wwwroot/gateways/switchvlans/main Diff File
rm - gateways/switchvlans/main Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/8021q.png Diff File
rm - pix/8021q.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/crystal-actions-unlock-32x32.png Diff File
rm - pix/crystal-actions-unlock-32x32.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/inc/interface.php Diff File
rm - inc/interface.php Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/tango-document-save-32x32-gray.png Diff File
rm - pix/tango-document-save-32x32-gray.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/download.png Diff File
rm - pix/download.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/checkbox_yes.png Diff File
rm - pix/checkbox_yes.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/serverpool.png Diff File
rm - pix/serverpool.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/tango-document-new.png Diff File
rm - pix/tango-document-new.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/tango-system-search-22x22.png Diff File
rm - pix/tango-system-search-22x22.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/css/pi.css Diff File
rm - css/pi.css Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/tango-mail-attachment-16x16.png Diff File
rm - pix/tango-mail-attachment-16x16.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/tango-text-html.png Diff File
rm - pix/tango-text-html.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/tango-edit-clear-big.png Diff File
rm - pix/tango-edit-clear-big.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/inc/config.php Diff File
rm - inc/config.php Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/tango-user-trash-16x16-gray.png Diff File
rm - pix/tango-user-trash-16x16-gray.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/inc/navigation.php Diff File
rm - inc/navigation.php Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/bracket-32x32.png Diff File
rm - pix/bracket-32x32.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/tango-emblem-readonly-32x32.png Diff File
rm - pix/tango-emblem-readonly-32x32.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/tango-view-refresh-32x32.png Diff File
rm - pix/tango-view-refresh-32x32.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/gateways/deviceconfig/vrp53.connector Diff File
rm - gateways/deviceconfig/vrp53.connector Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/virtualresources.png Diff File
rm - pix/virtualresources.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/1x1t.gif Diff File
rm - pix/1x1t.gif Diff File
add - wwwroot/inc/ophandlers.php Diff File
rm - inc/ophandlers.php Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/node-expanded-static.png Diff File
rm - pix/node-expanded-static.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/bracket-16x16.png Diff File
rm - pix/bracket-16x16.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/tango-view-fullscreen-22x22.png Diff File
rm - pix/tango-view-fullscreen-22x22.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/tango-edit-cut-22x22.png Diff File
rm - pix/tango-edit-cut-22x22.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/router.png Diff File
rm - pix/router.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/gateways/deviceconfig/nxos4.connector Diff File
rm - gateways/deviceconfig/nxos4.connector Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/crystal-mimetypes-shellscript-218x200.png Diff File
rm - pix/crystal-mimetypes-shellscript-218x200.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/tango-mail-attachment-32x32.png Diff File
rm - pix/tango-mail-attachment-32x32.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/server.png Diff File
rm - pix/server.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/link-disabled.png Diff File
rm - pix/link-disabled.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/gateways/switchvlans/vlantable-sample Diff File
rm - gateways/switchvlans/vlantable-sample Diff File
add - wwwroot/inc/gateways.php Diff File
rm - inc/gateways.php Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/report.png Diff File
rm - pix/report.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/pgadmin3-viewfiltereddata-grayscale.png Diff File
rm - pix/pgadmin3-viewfiltereddata-grayscale.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/inc/IPv6.php Diff File
rm - inc/IPv6.php Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/tango-edit-clear-gray-32x32.png Diff File
rm - pix/tango-edit-clear-gray-32x32.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/pgadmin3-viewfiltereddata.png Diff File
rm - pix/pgadmin3-viewfiltereddata.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/link-up.png Diff File
rm - pix/link-up.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/crystal-file-empty-32x32.png Diff File
rm - pix/crystal-file-empty-32x32.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/gateways/deviceconfig/main Diff File
rm - gateways/deviceconfig/main Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/tango-list-remove-shadow.png Diff File
rm - pix/tango-list-remove-shadow.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/tango-user-trash-32x32.png Diff File
rm - pix/tango-user-trash-32x32.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/bg_selection.gif Diff File
rm - pix/bg_selection.gif Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/tango-appointment-32x32.png Diff File
rm - pix/tango-appointment-32x32.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/smiley_knight.png Diff File
rm - pix/smiley_knight.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/files.png Diff File
rm - pix/files.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/defaultlogo.png Diff File
rm - pix/defaultlogo.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/tango-go-next.png Diff File
rm - pix/tango-go-next.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/tango-go-prev-next-gray-32x32.png Diff File
rm - pix/tango-go-prev-next-gray-32x32.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/tango-go-prev-next-32x32.png Diff File
rm - pix/tango-go-prev-next-32x32.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/crystal-ok-32x32.png Diff File
rm - pix/crystal-ok-32x32.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/tango-emblem-system-32x32.png Diff File
rm - pix/tango-emblem-system-32x32.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/gateways/deviceconfig/ios12.connector Diff File
rm - gateways/deviceconfig/ios12.connector Diff File
add - wwwroot/gateways/deviceconfig/xos12.connector Diff File
rm - gateways/deviceconfig/xos12.connector Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/pgadmin3-viewdata-grayscale.png Diff File
rm - pix/pgadmin3-viewdata-grayscale.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/inc/functions.php Diff File
rm - inc/functions.php Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/tango-emblem-unreadable-32x32.png Diff File
rm - pix/tango-emblem-unreadable-32x32.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/inc/deviceconfig.php Diff File
rm - inc/deviceconfig.php Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/tango-go-previous.png Diff File
rm - pix/tango-go-previous.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/tango-list-remove-32x32.png Diff File
rm - pix/tango-list-remove-32x32.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/tango-mail-attachment-22x22.png Diff File
rm - pix/tango-mail-attachment-22x22.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/tango-computer.png Diff File
rm - pix/tango-computer.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/tango-dialog-error-big.png Diff File
rm - pix/tango-dialog-error-big.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/ajax-loader.gif Diff File
rm - pix/ajax-loader.gif Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/crystal-file-image-32x32.png Diff File
rm - pix/crystal-file-image-32x32.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/node-collapsed.png Diff File
rm - pix/node-collapsed.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/tango-document-save-32x32.png Diff File
rm - pix/tango-document-save-32x32.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/tango-edit-cut-16x16.png Diff File
rm - pix/tango-edit-cut-16x16.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/inc/init.php Diff File
rm - inc/init.php Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/crystal-file-text-32x32.png Diff File
rm - pix/crystal-file-text-32x32.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/configuration.png Diff File
rm - pix/configuration.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/gateways/switchvlans/cisco.secrets.php-sample Diff File
rm - gateways/switchvlans/cisco.secrets.php-sample Diff File
add - wwwroot/inc/snmp.php Diff File
rm - inc/snmp.php Diff File
add - wwwroot/gateways/switchvlans/vlandecoder-sample Diff File
rm - gateways/switchvlans/vlandecoder-sample Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/addressspacev6.png Diff File
rm - pix/addressspacev6.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/tango-edit-clear.png Diff File
rm - pix/tango-edit-clear.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/tango-document-new-big.png Diff File
rm - pix/tango-document-new-big.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/gateways/deviceconfig/switch.secrets.php-sample Diff File
rm - gateways/deviceconfig/switch.secrets.php-sample Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/mitsudragon.png Diff File
rm - pix/mitsudragon.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/loadbalancer.png Diff File
rm - pix/loadbalancer.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/inc/exceptions.php Diff File
rm - inc/exceptions.php Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/slb.png Diff File
rm - pix/slb.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/gateways/deviceconfig/fdry5.connector Diff File
rm - gateways/deviceconfig/fdry5.connector Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/link-down.png Diff File
rm - pix/link-down.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/pix/tango-system-search.png Diff File
rm - pix/tango-system-search.png Diff File
add - wwwroot/inc/ajax-interface.php Diff File
rm - inc/ajax-interface.php Diff File

master d6fc4038

2011-02-05 09:29:06


Details Diff
r4195 moving files, 39
Attach Issues:
add - wwwroot/popup.php Diff File
rm - popup.php Diff File
add - wwwroot/install.php Diff File
rm - install.php Diff File
add - wwwroot/upgrade.php Diff File
rm - upgrade.php Diff File
add - wwwroot/process.php Diff File
rm - process.php Diff File
add - wwwroot/index.php Diff File
rm - index.php Diff File
add - wwwroot/download.php Diff File
rm - download.php Diff File
add - wwwroot/ajax.php Diff File
rm - ajax.php Diff File
add - wwwroot/render_image.php Diff File
rm - render_image.php Diff File

master 94057960

2011-02-05 09:05:10


Details Diff
r4193 moving files, 39
Attach Issues:
add - wwwroot/favicon.ico Diff File
rm - favicon.ico Diff File

master 2b21ad38

2011-02-04 19:36:05


Details Diff
r4191 bugfix: removed debug output in buildWideRedirectURL
Attach Issues:
mod - inc/ophandlers.php Diff File

master 7fa4b0e4

2011-02-04 16:04:51


Details Diff
r4190 bugfix: added forgotten ipv6net realm checks
Attach Issues:
mod - inc/database.php Diff File
mod - inc/functions.php Diff File

master a280c8b4

2011-02-04 15:11:00


Details Diff
r4189 getTerminalNetworks(): new utility function
Attach Issues:
mod - inc/functions.php Diff File

master 45ff9012

2011-02-04 12:31:06


Details Diff
r4188 update: UI: ability to clear object ports list at one blow

renderPortsForObject: added link to clear ports list
Attach Issues:
mod - ChangeLog Diff File
mod - inc/interface.php Diff File
mod - inc/navigation.php Diff File
mod - inc/ophandlers.php Diff File

master 8732faac

2011-02-04 12:09:52


Details Diff
r4187 bugfix: Huawei VRP 5.70 SW type was not detected by SNMP sync procedure
Attach Issues:
mod - inc/snmp.php Diff File

master 3beacd5c

2011-02-02 22:18:47


Details Diff
r4186 renderNewSLBItemForm(): justify tabindex across inputs
Attach Issues:
mod - inc/interface.php Diff File

master f2f95f99

2011-02-02 05:36:04

Jonathan Thurman

Details Diff
r4185 Fixed upgrade from 0.18.5 -> 0.19.0
Attach Issues:
mod - upgrade.php Diff File
mod - inc/config.php Diff File

master 2d8fd72f

2011-02-01 22:51:22


Details Diff
r4184 move require_once to setDevice8021QConfig(), where it is really needed
Attach Issues:
mod - inc/gateways.php Diff File

master 7706096c

2011-02-01 15:15:54


Details Diff
r4183 updateUser(): fix message code
Attach Issues:
mod - inc/ophandlers.php Diff File

master bd0191f7

2011-02-01 13:07:04


Details Diff
r4182 commitUpdateVSTRules(): change to generate "soft" error
trigger_8021q_configured(): new function to hide 802.1Q order tabs until necessary records are in place
cloneVSTRule(): rename to cloneVST() and fix error handling
Attach Issues:
mod - inc/triggers.php Diff File
mod - inc/navigation.php Diff File
mod - inc/ophandlers.php Diff File
mod - inc/database.php Diff File

master 2f5e4db9

2011-02-01 12:38:56


Details Diff
r4181 upgrade script was broken in several ways, fix it
Attach Issues:
mod - upgrade.php Diff File

master 8b5484d7

2011-02-01 12:16:40


Details Diff
r4180 editPortForObject(): was generating incorrect message, fixed
Attach Issues:
mod - inc/ophandlers.php Diff File

master 588c98f8

2011-02-01 03:27:33


Details Diff
r4179 install.php: added missing attributes to the network chassis object type
upgrade.php: idem
Attach Issues:
mod - upgrade.php Diff File
mod - install.php Diff File

master 3d26a66e

2011-01-31 19:37:41


Details Diff
r4178 bugfix: PHP warnings were appearing before rackspace on SLB object page, default tab

renderRackObject: fixed buggy reusing of $info var
Attach Issues:
mod - inc/interface.php Diff File

master d8780b8a

2011-01-31 17:32:57


Details Diff
r4177 cloneVSTRule(): add missing argument to commitUpdateVSTRules()
Attach Issues:
mod - inc/ophandlers.php Diff File

master efa498bc

2011-01-31 16:52:49


Details Diff
r4176 upgrade.php: remove SQL which changes objtype_id of existing chassis objects
Attach Issues:
mod - upgrade.php Diff File

master 8ad59489

2011-01-31 13:11:11


Details Diff
r4175 bugfix: call to undefined getImageHREF() in standalone scripts

formatAttributeValue: reduced parameters number, added logic to render external href
renderRackObject: removed parameter in call to formatAttributeValue
renderSearchResults: idem
parseWikiLink: changed function logic, now it sets additional fields in record and does not try to render HTML
readChapter: changed call to parseWikiLink
fetchAttrsForObjects: idem
Attach Issues:
mod - inc/interface.php Diff File
mod - inc/functions.php Diff File
mod - inc/database.php Diff File

master 740b4f5e

2011-01-30 14:35:10


Details Diff
r4174 update: dictionary attribute values with external links are formatted differently to distinguish the filter and external info links

formatAttributeValue: checks if attr value already contains href to prevent nested hrefs
parseWikiLink: the formatting of external link changed to single image href in the end of text value

new CSS class and library image were added
Attach Issues:
mod - inc/interface.php Diff File
mod - ChangeLog Diff File
mod - css/pi.css Diff File
add - pix/tango-text-html.png Diff File
mod - inc/functions.php Diff File

master 408b9915

2011-01-30 12:36:09


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r4173 Reduce config.php in a way:

move PCRE pattern constants to functions.php
loadConfigDefaults(): move to functions.php
alterConfigWithUserPreferences(): idem
isConfigVarChanged(): idem
getConfigVar(): idem
setConfigVar(): move to database.php
setUserConfigVar(): idem
resetUserConfigVar(): idem
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master f97eba27

2011-01-30 12:22:50


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r4172 removed unused navigation items (see prev.commit)
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