1641: [SNMP] Unknown OID '' - HP Procurve Aruba 2530 48 Switch (J9781A) (rychka)
1867: [IPv4/IPv6/SLB] Import of Live PTRs fails
1711: [default] show names in allocated units when assigning rackspace (infrastation)
1089: [default] remove a user (infrastation)
1591: [SNMP] Add SNMP support for TP-Link JetStream SG3424 (infrastation)
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Released 2017-10-22
1795: [default] Add server chassie HPE C7000 to RackTables 0.20.11 (infrastation)
1797: [default] A couple of very small fixes on 'interface.php' (infrastation)
1793: [default] Tables without primary/unique keys give issue on Percona XtraDB Cluster (infrastation)
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Released 2017-10-01
496: [default] logout did not work as expected (infrastation)
1771: [default] PHP Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in functions.php on line 5357 (infrastation)
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Released 2017-08-10
1779: [default] Feature : New dictionary items (infrastation)
1773: [IPv4/IPv6/SLB] Functionality to search for IPv4 Blocks by comment (Patch enclosed) (infrastation)
1769: [default] Add Windows 2016 as Server OS type to dictionary (infrastation)
1727: [default] replace GRANT with CREATE USER (infrastation)
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