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1007RackTables802.1Q VLANspublic2020-12-15 12:55
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Summary1007: Renaming port loses 802.1Q settings
DescriptionIf I rename a port in the Ports tab the 802.1Q settings are no longer tied to the port and instead show N/A for the port. I have to remove the 802.1Q port and re-added the port with the new name
Steps To ReproduceRename 802.1Q port
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2013-09-26 09:13

administrator   ~0001793

This bug is likely to exist, but I cannot handle it right now and unassign it for the time being.


2020-12-15 10:58

reporter   ~0004239


Hello this bug was fixed?


2020-12-15 12:55

administrator   ~0004243

No, it was not. You would still have to use the workaround. You are welcome to propose a bugfix.

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