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1593RackTablesIPv4/IPv6/SLBpublic2016-05-14 17:30
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Summary1593: Ability to sort IP addresses by interface name
DescriptionIt would be nice to be able to sort IP addresses by interface name.
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2016-03-09 08:07

reporter   ~0003135

I'm not sure which page-tab do you mean? Object's IP allocations are already sorted by ifname.


2016-03-09 14:59

reporter   ~0003137

Last edited: 2016-03-09 14:59

Actually, no. If you go and see the 'View' tab of an object, you'll see under the IP address section, that the interfaces are not sorted by the addresses or interfaces' names themselves. In fact, I really do not know which is the sorting criteria ... (may be an internal SQL key ...). To see this, have a look at the attached screenshot ...

My request is to be able to sort the IP address section by the interfaces' names (or, also, by the IP address value).





2016-03-09 15:55

reporter   ~0003139

I see, now I remember that we've already discussed this issue in the ML.
They are sorted, but not literally. The sort criteria works bad in your case.

Apparently there is no such a generic sort function that will comply in any case. We need to select the sort criteria somehow. Neither literal, nor numeric, nor natural sort will work in all the cases.

Maybe we need a config variable that selects the sort function based on interface name. I leave this ticket open waiting for a solution to come up.


2016-05-14 17:30

reporter   ~0003183

Hi! May be one option is the one that you describe: adding a variable that will define the sorting criteria. One possible place for such a variable would under the 'Configuration -> User Interface'.

Then, inside the PHP code, it could be done something like this:

$ipOrder = (getConfigVar ('IPV4_ORDER_CRITERIA') == 'whatEver');

Just guessing!

Cheers and thanks!


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