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1959RackTablesdefaultpublic2020-03-03 18:04
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Product Version0.21.4 
Summary1959: Rack Space to Bench Space Conversion
DescriptionHi Team,
In my lab, Some of the Switches are placed on top of the benches, is there way to define the Benches with desired width ? currently with Rack, i see only three verticals(Front, Interior, Back), There is a way to have Bench dimensions to chose instead of Rack.

Appreciate the support in advance.

- Venkat
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2020-03-03 15:43

administrator   ~0004043

I understand what you are looking for, but RackTables currently does not support this, and it would be a notable amount of work to implement this feature, so it is not immediately available. You might want to use rack units to mean a bench bay.


2020-03-03 17:55

reporter   ~0004045

Thanks for the update, please let me know if there is a scope to get this implemented. If yes, let me know how to notified when this feature been released.


2020-03-03 18:04

administrator   ~0004047

There is a lot of more important work items to do before considering this feature, and not so much time available, so please do not hold your breath.

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