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1979RackTablesdefaultpublic2020-08-03 19:23
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PlatformLinuxOScentosOS Version7 & 8
Product Version0.21.4 
Summary1979: issue with PHP Version
DescriptionHi Team,

We are facing issue while installation of racktables with PHP version and on official site only latest version is avaliable.
Can help us in getting lower version which suitable with PHP5.4 .
Also on live demo portal ,we are able to add the device but not able to map it to rack.
Also let us know how bulk import and export works.
Kindly help us on this.

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2020-07-16 12:00

administrator   ~0004117

Does this answer your first question?,1

That said, if you insist on using PHP 5.4, you make your life more difficult than it needs to be. It is year 2020 and PHP is version 7.

What specifically seems to be the problem when you cannot assign an object to a rack on the demo web-site? It works fine as far as it looks in my browser.

A number of plugins exists to import data, for example:

You would need to develop your own code to implement a custom export.


2020-07-16 14:34

reporter   ~0004119


 Thank you for replying. We have installed the latest version in ubuntu18, everything better now.
As I am from support team I don't have good knowledge on coding, I have placed csvimport file plug-ins directory, but I don't see any change in portal instead it shows error page. Also LDAP configuration is not working.
Kindly help me. All rack table files copied in /var/www/html/rackatables.

Kalyani. V


2020-07-16 22:17

administrator   ~0004121

Regarding the csvimport plugin, something is probably wrong, but it is difficult to tell what without knowing how exactly it was installed and what the error message is. Many users install it without a problem. Anyway, it is optional.

For LDAP please see this document:


2020-07-17 07:58

reporter   ~0004123


Thank you.

We have successfully installed on ubuntu18, don't see any issue with the installation. As per the document reg adding plugins we need to place it in Plugins directory, then It will be published in the portal. I have done the same, but I don't see any plugin added to my portal.
Kindly help me on this so that we can customize some plugin as per our requirement.

Reg LDAP I have gone through the link and made necessary change, but still authentication is not routing from AD. Below is my configuration.

$LDAP_options = array
       'server' => '',
       'domain' => '',
       'search_attr' => 'sAMAccountName',
       'search_dn' => 'DC=a,DC=b,DC=com',
# // The following credentials will be used when searching for the user's DN:
       'search_bind_rdn' => 'CN=DCMRSDODCIMADM,OU=SPL,OU=Users,OU=HYD,OU=HTC,OU=IND,DC=a,DC=b,DC=com',
       'search_bind_password' =>'Besafe@2020',
       'displayname_attrs' => 'cn',
        'group_attr' => 'memberof',
        'group_filter' => 'CN=CCDDCM.Intranet Hosting Team,OU=Groups,OU=KEC,OU=BLR,OU=IND,DC=a,DC=b,DC=com',
        'options' => array (LDAP_OPT_PROTOCOL_VERSION => 2),
        'use_tls' => 0, // 0 == don't attempt, 1 == attempt, 2 == require



2020-07-18 23:43

administrator   ~0004125

Regarding the plugin, you have copied the directory "csvimport" of racktables-contribs repository into the "plugins" directory of your RackTables installation and when in the web-interface you go to Configuration -> Plugins, you do not see a line with "CSV Import tool" in it, is this correct?

Regarding LDAP, have you also made the changes below?

$user_auth_src = 'ldap';
$require_local_account = FALSE;


2020-07-20 18:16

reporter   ~0004127


Yes exactly . Copied to plugins folder and gave permission to WWW-data. am using nginx is their any changes need for it.

For LDAP i have already made these setting also, still logging with admin ID only.

I dont see any error related to plugins in nginx logs.

Kindly help us.



2020-07-20 19:03

administrator   ~0004129

Regarding the plugin, something is wrong, but it is unlikely that you will get nginx support here. Apache httpd is the recommended web-server and what I have described above does work as expected. If you continue with nginx regardless, you do this at your own risk and cost.

Regarding LDAP, it looks like there is some problem. Let me suggest you ask the LDAP server administrator to confirm the LDAP client connection establishes and requests the right information and receives the right response. Alternatively, you can try finding a different software that uses LDAP authentication in your network and works, and model RackTables LDAP configuration after the configuration of that software. LDAP authentication as such works in RackTables when configured properly, but proper configuration is different in each case, so it is difficult to advise without knowing your setup.


2020-07-21 11:50

reporter   ~0004131

Hi ,

Now i have installed racktables with apache2 in ubuntu18 version . still I see same issue with plugins.
I have changed the path of plugins in secret.php . Kindly help on this.



2020-07-21 20:20

administrator   ~0004133

What exactly have you changed, how exactly and why? If you want this solved rather than just closed, please refrain from comments like "I have changed something and there seems to be some problem, kindly help." if you can.


2020-07-22 12:33

reporter   ~0004135

Hi ,

All my things sorted out. As of now one query can we restricted users at site or location level.
Eg: Hyderabad location team should view only their asset with full access.

Kindly suggest.



2020-07-22 18:07

reporter   ~0004137

Hi ,

As we have multiple location under India we want to restrict only location team can we location assets.
Below is the permission given by me.

allow {$username_kalyani_v} and {$tab_default} and {$locationid_55}
allow {$username_kalyani_v} and {$locationid_2} and {$locationid_55}

How to provide permission parent location and child location.

Kalyani. V


2020-07-22 21:15

administrator   ~0004139

Please use this document as a starting point and experiment with permissions to understand how they work:


2020-07-23 16:57

reporter   ~0004141

Hi ,

I have gone through the site and created new tags for data centers , Provided permission as below . Kindly let me know If am missing something.

allow {$lgcn_DCIM_OwnDevices} and {HYD}
allow {$lgcn_DCIM2_OwnDevices} and {CHN}

Asking for user name and password then giving access denied error.



2020-07-24 17:30

administrator   ~0004143

The access denied message tells the security context (explicit tags, implicit tags, automatic tags). I do not know what it is, but you can look there and compare the tags present in the context with the rules. So, for example, if the user that has the automatic tag {$lgcn_DCIM_OwnDevices} requests the main page, the context would not have any of the {HYD} or {CHN} tags, and none of the above rules would permit access.

Please mind this is not a bug of the software, so you would need to study the documentation and experiment a bit to learn how this feature works if you want to use it.

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