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2015RackTablesdefaultpublic2021-02-26 19:50
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Summary2015: Datacenter power tracking
DescriptionAs a feature request, a standard fill-in attribute for PSUs/PDUs/UPSs for "Power Rating" and "CircuitID", as well as a calculated attribute "Max Draw". Then, for all other devices that draw power a standard fill-in attribute for "Power Draw". Finally, within the UI, if the sum of the draw of all devices plugged into a PSU/PDU/UPS exceeds its power rating, visually display that there is a problem with the PDU, specifically calling out that the maximum potential draw exceeds the rating for the PDU/UPS
Steps To ReproduceFlow:

1) User adds a new PSU/PDU/UPS and enters the maximum power draw the device is rated for (for instance an APC AP9562 PDU is rated for 1400W)

2) User adds a new server and enters the rating of the server PSUs (for instance, a Dell PowerEdge R340 might come with a pair of redundant 350W PSUs - the user would enter "350"). If the addition of this device would cause the PSU/PDU/UPS to exceed its rating, notify the user and ask if they want to continue.

3) Either via cronjob, or possibly on-the-fly when a user queries the PSU/PDU/UPS device, the sum of device power ratings is calculated. If ran via cronjob, store the calculated value in an attribute field. If calculated on-the-fly, display the value in the WebUI as part of the properties, including visually notifying the user if the sum is greater than the power rating. A stored value has the benefit of not having to be recalculated *every* time the user displays anything related to the PSU/PDU/UPS, and requires significantly less coding, but has the problem of not being up to date. On-the-fly calculation requires significantly more operations anytime the user displays a PSU/PDU/UPS - and therefore a LOT more code would need to be touched, but is always up-to-date.
    a) possibly set the font to red and/or
    b) possibly set the "Has Problems" flag and adding a Comment
Additional InformationThis idea could be expanded on to include standard circuit types and connectors, and even making power circuits a first tier object, so that documenting your datacenter could start with the breaker box->building UPS->room PDU->CircuitID->rack PDU->DevicePSU, and flag or report on devices that have single points of power failure (non-redundant PSUs, both PSUs plugged into the same rack PDU, rack PDUs plugged into the same circuit, or room PDUs, etc).
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2021-02-26 19:50

administrator   ~0004269

I had implemented a somewhat similar power accounting feature as a proprietary extension to RackTables a few years ago. Perhaps it would make sense to have some basic functionality in the upstream as well. Ideally this would be best implemented by someone with a strong everyday use case for this feature.

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