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497RackTablesdefaultpublic2013-06-11 05:17
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Summary497: Add configurable 'inheritated' tags for newly created objects.
DescriptionWhen users with limited rights (i.e. backbone operators can read all, create objects, and edit 'network' tagged objects) create a new object and forget to tag it (in this case 'network' tag) they will not be able to edit that object.

When that user did that for all bunch of devices at once or several time in a row before noticing she/he can not edit those objects... you can imagine the burden.

I'd like to be able to add one or more 'inherited' tags per user or group of users.

What do you think?
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2012-10-10 20:47

reporter   ~0000875

I think the permissions engine should check object-creating operations against the newly-requested tagset.

If user has no permissions to edit the object with the particular tagset, should not be able to create such an object as well.


2013-06-11 05:17

reporter   ~0001507

There is also the case where we have techs assigning addresses out of various blocks and sub-blocks. It would be nice to tag a parent block and not have to go in and tag each of the sub blocks independently. This is more of an issue with an initial transition if created blocks inherited parent tags, but it would be nice...

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