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829RackTablesIPv4/IPv6/SLBpublic2013-06-25 10:14
Reporternrobst Assigned Toandriyanov  
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Product Version0.20.3 
Summary829: When creating an IPv6 subnet Blank addresses are not displayed in IPv6 networks
DescriptionCreating IPv6 network in racktables and blank addresses are not disabled in the subnet details box like they are in IPv4 subnets.
Steps To ReproduceClick on IPv6 Space
Click Add tab
Enter valid IPv6 subnet
Click Add new subnet
Click on new link to subnet created
Additional InformationWorkaround is to search for additional IPv6 address which will then make it magically appear in in the subnet!
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2013-06-09 09:00

reporter   ~0001501

What addresses do you want RackTables to display? A typical IPv6 network contains countless IP addresses. Maybe your networks are small, e.g. /126 ?


2013-06-25 07:04

reporter   ~0001541

I stumbled across this bug when trying to add some addresses to my IPv6 subnets in rack tables. I do agree that listing all ips in a subnet would be a joke with ipv6, maybe at least listing the first 1 and the last 1 by default and make a small note somewhere on the page saying that if you want to add any address somewhere in between to search for it and it will add it automatically?


2013-06-25 10:14

reporter   ~0001543

Yes I think an IPv6 network should contain a the IPs for a /126 by default.

Additionally I agree with pixitha that there should additonnally be a more obvious want to enter the IPv6 addresses whether this is by a note saying to search for the address required, which I personally dislike from a usability point of view, or by having some sort of '+' or "Add additional IPv6 record" button?

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