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911RackTablesIPv4/IPv6/SLBpublic2013-08-30 22:11
Reportergrin Assigned Toandriyanov  
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Product Version0.20.1 
Summary911: Unable to remove or expand accidentally small subnets due to used addresses
DescriptionSlightly related to issue 639 is that it's not possible to fix accidentally too small subnets if its addresses are already used, even if there's a supernet covering the same address space (so the IPs would not fall off at the edge of the Universe).
Steps To Reproduce1. Assign IP to an object
2. Create subnet
3. Realise that you wanted to use /26, create subnet
4. Try to remove unwanted, you get grayed out delete button, possibly "because it's used"
Additional InformationSidenote: It's not possible to change /28 to /26, either.
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2013-08-30 22:11

reporter   ~0001739

Tyler J. Wagner wrote on the mailing list today:
``You can do this in the GUI. Just go to "Configuration : User interface",
and set "Enable IPv4 address allocations w/o covering network" to yes.''

It's a workaround/hack but probably works. Still it's better to fix he logic.

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