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0001719RackTablesdefaultpublic2017-02-10 10:48
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Product Version0.20.11 
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Summary0001719: Objects Page Type Filter
DescriptionSimilar to the "Location filter" on the Rackspace screen create a "Type Filter" on the objects page to allow filtering by Type and HW type.

Additionally, for sites with a large number of objects it may be good to break up the objects page into either multiple pages based on Type page. This could be optional based on a "User interface" boolean value (e.g. Object_Type_Screen = <True|False>).

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related to 0001581 closed Searching does not match Type field 




2017-02-09 12:02

administrator   ~0003539

Please see if the workaround in 0001581 does the trick for you.


2017-02-09 20:46

reporter   ~0003543

It helps with filtering. Is there any way to make them only show up on the screen they're defined for? Since the ones I'm creating are based on type IDs for objects I don't need them on the IPv4 or Rackspace tabs.

As far as a large number of objects this wouldn't break up the objects into separate pages.



2017-02-10 10:48

administrator   ~0003545

The predicates have always been a global device but what you are saying makes sense. I cannot implement it right now but let's keep the ticket open.

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