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0001809RackTablesdefaultpublic2018-01-10 21:41
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Product Version0.21.1 
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Summary0001809: Cannot assign rack to object
DescriptionHello, I am currently having a problem with Racktables where if I edit an object with no rack assigned and click on rackspace, I see the Racks section with the racks populated. If I click on a rack, it will not display on the right side to assign the server to it. It does work on Internet Explorer on older windows systems, but Chrome, Firefox, edge browser or on any recent windows or mac system it does not work. There is no error thrown or anything in the apache log. I have upgraded to 0.21.1 to see if there was a bug I was getting but it still has the same behavior. I installed a new racktables instance to test and do not have the problem. I could move to a new instance but have thousands of nodes and a good number of locations and racks already setup. Any suggestions on how to find why the rack will not show?
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2018-01-10 21:41


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