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Summary1281: Switch stacking, and HA equipment
DescriptionThere is a big gap in functionality when it comes to equipment that is stacked, or in some way of HA.

My examples is with Cisco stacked equipment. Buth with stack cables and VSS (ethernet). Switches is stacked and often placed in the same rack, underneet eachother. There is 2 or more switches sharing the same IP and connection, but its not the same box. Different S/N, different port setup sometimes etc.

I was told there is a somewhat "workaround" to this, by creating a new container and put the switches in this. But you loose all functionality, as this container does not has any ports and cannot use live ports and stuff like that.

Sharing IP is one way of fiksing that, but if that same IP is routing something, then IPv4 page is underdocumented...

Another thing is HA.
Firewalls mostly come with someway of HA. You meet the same problem here, but the differense is that they only share one IP, and that can be fixed with shared. Still, IPv4 page will be faulty.

I thing this is something that must be looked at and made an solution for.
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2014-08-29 17:22

reporter   ~0002473

Well I solved the stacking problem by edit the switches themself. I added the ability to mount a switch into another switch(stack). So all abilities of the switch will be provided by the stack.


2017-03-08 08:10

reporter   ~0003589

Hi cyb3rwulf
Can you please explain how you achieved the stacking?
Thanking you,


2017-04-06 10:50

reporter   ~0003593

We have solved this in a similar way so created an object type of switch stack giving it all the same attributes as a switch (or you could use Network Chassis) then in the object container compatibility section made the network switch a child of network stack. You then choose the stack as the container for each switch and add all the interfaces, attributes etc to the stack rather than the switch

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