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1341RackTablesIPv4/IPv6/SLBpublic2017-04-08 21:45
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Summary1341: add attributes to ip interfaces or ports
DescriptionThe chance of adding extra attributes to objects, today, is really handy and helpful.

Now, how difficult is it to add extra attributes to interfaces or ports?
In our company (service provider) we mostly deal with routers (tons of them, +1700) rather than servers and those have multiple interfaces with different kind of configurations:

- different MTU values
- different protocols and/or parametrization:
   - ospf and different areas, timers, etc
   - vrrp: timers, priorities
   - bfd, etc
- QoS policies might also be different depending on the interface
- ACLs ... and so on.

So, the ability of adding personalized attributes to both ports and/or interfaces would be just great!

What do you think?

Best regards!

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2014-10-09 04:38

reporter   ~0002525

Hi! Just for the record, I'm not a programmer but I'm willing to help if needed. If only you could somehow guide me with this, I'll be glad to do it ...
Regards! Lucas


2014-11-29 20:22

reporter   ~0002569

I would value the ability to add 802.1Q tags to a port on a switch object which would permit me to keep track of what ports are access ports to a particular VLAN or what VLANs are trunked across a port.


2015-06-23 20:57

reporter   ~0002889

I would also like the functionality described by hackmaster.

I find the 802.1q management configured in racktables to be too much for what I want. I'd just like to manually record which ports are tagged/untagged and on what vlans.


2017-04-08 21:45

reporter   ~0003595

I would consider -if this feature goes on- the ability to also map interfaces to ports. For example, when creating an interface (L3) one would have the chance of selecting which port (L2) is such an interface using. This will be particularly useful if a port has -for example- encapsulation attribute with dot1q. If so, multiple interfaces (L3) could use the same port (L2) where the VLAN ID will be the segregation feature.

So, in the end, a possible attribute for an interface would be a feasible L2 port.

This has also been stated in this issue:

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