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Summary1347: Container does not change colour to red if object in the container is red
DescriptionFirst a big thank you for the great work with the racktables software.

So I am not sure if this is per design or a bug but when I have a container (a blade chassis) and the object in the container (server) is marked as faulty the object changes colour to red but the container does not. So on the global rack view there is no way to tell which objects if they are inside container have problems. I think the easiest solutions would be that even if one object has a problem then entire chassis changes colour (different colour could be used e.g. amber to indicate that this is not a chassis problem), so system manager know that the chassis needs investigating. A better solution would be that if the container has multiple objects then it gets divided into cells and cell changes a colour.

Many thanks for looking into this.
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2018-11-15 10:56

administrator   ~0003867

It has been 4 years since the original report, but some work needed to be done to come to a sound response.

The next release of RackTables will allow to assign colours to tags. The user interface will respond to these colours in ways that are roughly similar to the current "has problems" checkbox effects. In particular, it will not mix the nested object colours into the container object colours, which so far seems to look better. Also it will not display any contained objects on the rack thumbnails, which actually could be a good next improvement if anybody is willing to contribute it.

That said, with the new feature the original problem you had stated (impossible to tell quickly which objects are marked with "has problems") is going to have a solution (retrieving the list of objects that have a tag is straightforward). To eliminate the confusion between the old and the new features, subsequent releases will drop support for the "has problems" flag (with an automatic one-time conversion to a red-coloured tag).

Once the release with the new feature is available, you are welcome to test it and to provide additional feedback to see if anything else needs to be taken into account in this process.

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