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1363RackTablesIPv4/IPv6/SLBpublic2018-07-07 19:17
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Summary1363: nat rules
Description1. nat rules are only available for tcp/udp and not other protocols (esp, gre, icmp, etc)
2. rules should accept port ranges in case of UDP/TCP or icmp types in case of icmp
3. sometimes defining only the inbound interface on the router/server is not enough in defining the nat rule, a source ip prefix might be needed. rephrasing a bit: nat on external ip address to internal ip addresses ONLY for certain source ip addresses

the current nat rules are also available on inbound direction. what about outbound ?
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2018-07-07 19:17

administrator   ~0003799

I have to close this request because I do not have the time and motivation to implement it well. NAT support in RackTables is basic, this is a known fact. There are solutions out there (Linux/FreeBSD kernels and beyond) that allow to implement advanced NAT. If anybody wants to be able to document these in RackTables fully they would have to work on this feature themselves.

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