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1535RackTablesdefaultpublic2017-06-23 16:03
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Product Version0.20.10 
Summary1535: Add more support for Fibre Channel (FC) transceivers and cabling
DescriptionMost current Fibre Channel(FC) ports utilize the SFP style adapter to LC fiber connectors (old 1G mostly used SC fiber connectors).
Common data rates include 2/4/8/16Gb (1G, 10G, 20G also exist, 32G & 128G are coming)
At least for Cisco, some backwards compatibility exists:
2G - 1/2/4
4G - (1/)2/4/8/16
8G - (1/)2/4/8/16
16G - 4/8/16

There are 2 common modules: ShortWave(SW - multimode) and LongWave(LW - singlemode), with SW being more common.
Some additional transceiver options include ExtendedReach(ER) and a variety of CWDM "colors" for 1/2/4/8G, but these are probably not common enough to bother with(for now?).
On some Cisco models, the physical socket can be reconfigured to accept FC or ethernet SFP+ modules - e.g. Unified Ports on Nexus 5000 series .
Additional InformationNot sure if a new PortInnerInterface type is needed? e.g. FC-SFP+ / "Empty FC-SFP+", etc...?

PortOuterInterface needs entries like:
FC2G-SW, FC2G-LW - (SW=ShortWave/Multi Mode, LW=LongWave/Single mode)

PatchCableOIFCompat needs entries like:
FCxx-SW - 2xMMF(1,2,3,4 - OM1/2/3/4)
FCxx-LW - 2xSMF(5,6 - OS1/2)

PortInterfaceCompat needs entries like:
FC-SFP+, Empty FC-SFP+
FC-SFP+, FCxxG-xW (2/4/8/16 and SW/LW)

PortCompat needs entries like:
FC2G-SW - FC1/2/4G-SW - not sure whether to bother with 1G?
FC2G-LW - FC1/2/4G-LW
FC4G-SW - FC2/4/8/16G-SW - not sure where 1G compat goes away, may vary...
FC4G-LW - FC2/4/8/16G-LW
FC8G-SW - FC2/4/8/16G-SW
FC8G-LW - FC2/4/8/16G-LW
FC16G-SW - FC4/8/16G-SW - not sure where 2G compat goes away, may vary...
FC16G-LW - FC4/8/16G-LW
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2016-01-08 12:22

administrator   ~0003101

This request is generally reasonable but the suggested mappings need to be carefully studied before adding to avoid unnecessary complications in future.


2017-06-23 16:02

reporter   ~0003637

Would love to help with this. The interface types listed above appear generally correct - what remains?


2017-06-23 16:03

reporter   ~0003639

Although one thing I should mention is that 32Gb fiber channel has hit the market recently - that should be accounted for as well.

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