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1545RackTablesdefaultpublic2016-05-27 14:15
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Summary1545: Remove log records from view tab
DescriptionIs it possible to remove the log records from the view tab?
For us, the information below the log records (ip and port information) is more important.
So we would like to be able to remove the log records from the view tab, but keep them in the Log tab.
Tagsobject log


duplicate of 769 closedinfrastation Log records 




2016-05-19 17:12

administrator   ~0003203

Some users do expect to see the log entries on the default tab. Would it be a reasonable tradeoff to show only the most recent 10 entries?


2016-05-27 09:45

reporter   ~0003207

Could help bug#913 as well by implementing paging. *hint* *hint* ;-)

But yes, generally we're interested in the last few entries, preferably configurable to one's taste, including "0" for "good riddance mode".


2016-05-27 09:49

reporter   ~0003209

btw duplicates 769 imho.


2016-05-27 14:14

administrator   ~0003211

That's a good idea. I am closing this as a duplicate.

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