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1581RackTablesdefaultpublic2017-02-09 12:01
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Platform32 bitOSLinux OS VersionCentOS 6
Product Version0.20.10 
Summary1581: Searching does not match Type field
DescriptionWhen searching for a string, most fields are matched, but notably not the "Tyipe" field.

When I search for the exact name off an object_type I expect that the search matches all objects of that type
Steps To ReproduceLoad a few UPS type objects, making sure that the word "UPS" is not repeated on any other field or the name.

Search for "UPS" and your objects will not show up.

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2016-02-14 22:01

administrator   ~0003119

This is not a bug: RackTables provides different, more developed means to retrieve this specific information. If you open a page of an UPS object, you can see the object type is a hyperlink, which leads you to a filtered object list. This filter can be further refined and used in the Permissions text if needed. Let me know if you have any other questions.


2016-02-16 13:37

reporter   ~0003123

I am doing exactly what you suggest already, it just feels clunky and counterintuitive. I have about 3000 objects in the DB, to get a list of UPS I need to remember the name of one to get to the object_type link.
If I don't remember the name of any objects of a type, I need to scroll through 3000 items!!!

The only other option is going to the dictionary interface and read the objet_type_id and filter the objects page; this is something that only admins can do (and it is a damn slow way of doing something simple like searching)


2016-02-18 22:37

administrator   ~0003127

You can add the following to the Permissions text to have a permanent shortcut for all UPS objects on the objects filter:

define [UPS] {$objtype_12}


2016-03-03 21:32

reporter   ~0003131

Is this configuration per-user or global?
We have 61 records in our Object_type dictionary and more than 10 users. I can consider adding 61 lines to the permissions config, but not 600 +


2016-03-04 00:19

administrator   ~0003133

This feature works for all users (see also related options FILTER_SUGGEST_PREDICATES and FILTER_PREDICATE_SIEVE in the configuration).


2017-02-09 12:01

administrator   ~0003537

This may improve in future but right now there is a workaround. Closing.

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