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1673RackTablesIPv4/IPv6/SLBpublic2016-08-23 20:20
Reportermaltris Assigned Toandriyanov  
Status feedbackResolutionopen 
PlatformLinuxOSDebianOS Version8.5
Product Version0.20.11 
Summary1673: SLB problem "Argument 'rspool_id' of value '' is invalid (parameter is missing)." under certain circumstances
DescriptionThe problem appears when adding a new realservers on "Add new VS group".

The problem only appears if a VSG-tag (VS groups) is something like "XXX XXX XXX" (a tag containing blankspaces which is not ideal i guess).
Steps To Reproduce1. Add a new VS-Group
2. Assign it a tag with the pattern "XXX XXX XXX"
3. Try to add realservers to the VSG
Additional InformationAfter removing the tag, the problem is gone.
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2016-08-23 20:20

reporter   ~0003433

Sorry, unable to reproduce this.
Tag names must not be the cause of this behavior, it is absolutely normal to have spaces in them.

Could you reproduce this bug on the site?
Its DB is cleared every night, so if you could come up with steplist reproducing the bug, please reply here so I can inspect the configuration before it is wiped out.

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