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0001785RackTablesIPv4/IPv6/SLBpublic2017-09-07 14:50
ReporterjacubilloAssigned Toandriyanov 
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Product Version0.20.13 
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Summary0001785: Cannot delete subnets contained in "bigger" ones.
My Racktables has subnets and (I can see racktables showing me /25 is included or tabulated inside /24).
If a device has IP I can still delete with no problems. However... I can't delete subnet It appears to me that I should be able to delete /25 and it's IPs would then be part of /24.

Is there anything I may be doing wrong here? or is ti just that Racktables doesn't have the capability to do this?

Should I file a feature request? Wish I could actually code and contribute this but I'm too new in this field...
Steps To ReproduceGo to IPv4 section
Add prefix
Add prefix
Assign IP to any device.
Try to delete Can't be done... <--WHY? Shouldn't the IP be re-assigned to prefix /24??
Delete CAN be done (as long as it doesn't have active IPs from and upwards.)
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2017-09-06 22:28

administrator   ~0003691

This is a safety check, it is enabled by default. To disable it change IPV4_JAYWALK to "yes" in the configuration (and better don't leave it disabled afterwards).


2017-09-07 14:49

reporter   ~0003695

That's exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for the info.
Closing this.


2017-09-07 14:50

reporter   ~0003697

Issue was resolved by editing the IPV4_JAYWALK to "yes" entry under Configuration > User Interface

 - Juan

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