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1847RackTablesdefaultpublic2018-10-10 12:01
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Summary1847: Hiding Tags in the Rackview
i added the tag names to the rackviews and the full_row_view Plugin and i would like to hide one tag there, because we just need it for the custom reports to filter out objects. I added the tag names to see what the colors mean, because not all colleagues are able to remember all the different colors.

i added this to the config (from an older version of the full_row_view plugin):

case 'T':
                                        $frv_middleRow .= getOutputOf('printObjectDetailsForRenderRack', $rackData[$i][$locidx]['object_id'], $hl_obj_id);
# added lines
                                        $o = spotEntity ('object',$rackData[$i][$locidx]['object_id']);
                                        while ( list ($key,$val) = each( $o['etags'] )) {
                                             $frv_middleRow .= "<div style='font: 9px Verdana,sans-serif; text-decoration:none; color=black'>";
                                             $frv_middleRow .= $val['tag'];
                                             $frv_middleRow .= "</div>";

is there a possibility to exclude the tag with the tag_id 1?

I know its a total individual problem, but maybe its just a minimal change that someone could help me with :(
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2018-09-27 18:45

administrator   ~0003821

Can be done like this:
$o = ...
$frv_middleRow .= serializeTags (array_diff_key ($o['etags'], array (1, 2, 3))); # tag IDs to suppress

etags is indexed with tag id.


2018-09-27 18:47

administrator   ~0003823

$o = ...
$frv_middleRow .= serializeTags (array_diff_key ($o['etags'], array (1 => NULL, 2 => NULL, 3 => NULL))); # tag IDs to suppress

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