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Summary1875: secondary ip networks
DescriptionA secondary IP network consists of another prefix within an existing VLAN already containing a prefix.
Multiple secondaries should be possible to configure.
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2018-11-13 14:16

administrator   ~0003861

In RackTables VLANs and IPv4/IPv6 networks can be linked (neither "contains" the other though). A VLAN can be linked to any number of any IPv4/IPv6 networks; an IPv4/IPv6 network can be linked to any number of VLANs. The only constraint in this relation is that by default a network cannot be linked to more than one VLAN in the same VLAN domain, but if the user really knows what they are doing they can change this behaviour through the 8021Q_MULTILINK_LISTSRC configuration option. The mailing list discussion [1] and the subsequent change [2] that implemented this feature this way provide more information on this subject. That hopefully addresses your concern.


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