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1879RackTablesdefaultpublic2018-12-08 20:34
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Product Version0.20.14 
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Summary1879: adding Tag to multiply items from the same object
DescriptionHi ,
why there is no option to add Tag to exist items from the same Project ? now it seems that we need to update each one ,
need help here if there is another option
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2018-11-27 13:36

reporter   ~0003873

Object - not Progect


2018-11-28 00:40

administrator   ~0003875

Could you state the problem step by step please?


2018-12-02 09:30

reporter   ~0003879

I have several items from the same object , let say 100 x items , i need at once to add to all of them the same Tag , how can i do that ? without adding Tag to each one individuality


2018-12-06 23:24

administrator   ~0003881

I am sorry, but, I still do not understand fully what "items from the same object" means in this context. Anyway, RackTables does not have any feature like this. It would take to write a custom script or a plugin to implement the task, which I leave up to you and recommend to use this code as an example:

If you do not feel like writing a script, based on the information you have provided I could note that adding a tag to 100 objects is not a dramatic amount of work, it is doable in 5-10 minutes. If you see another reason to keep this issue open, please state it soonish.

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