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1907RackTablesdefaultpublic2019-05-14 19:36
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Product Version0.21.2 
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Summary1907: Issue with a WWN address
DescriptionI am trying to add a specific WWN address on a "L2 address" field, under the "Ports" tab of a server and I am getting the following message:
Argument 'l2address' of value '5?:4B:AD:B0:3D:25:CE:00' is invalid (malformed MAC/WWN/IPoIB address).

Please note that this happens when giving this particular address. Other WWN addresses were accepted. I can't see the reason for this to happen.
Steps To Reproduceyou just need to add the specific "5?:4B:AD:B0:3D:25:CE:00" WWN address on a "L2 address" field, under the "Ports" tab of a server
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2019-05-14 16:32


RackTables_WWN-address-error_001_2019-05-14.jpg (427,928 bytes)


2019-05-14 18:29

administrator   ~0003927

The L2 address 5A:4B:AD:B0:3D:25:CE:00 works in my RackTables. On the screenshot the second character of the address looks like ASCII "A", but in the bug description text it looks like "?", so most likely the check fails because it is not ASCII "A" in the first place.


2019-05-14 19:34

reporter   ~0003929

Oh my God. How stupid am I? I believe the keyboard was turned in Greek language. Please accept my sincere apologies.

I re-typed and it is accepted now.


2019-05-14 19:36

reporter   ~0003931

The problem was that i typed by mistake a Greek "A" (non-ASCII character) and couldn't realize, as in capitals there is no difference. My stupidity.

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