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1923RackTables802.1Q VLANspublic2019-10-17 21:51
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PlatformOSUbuntuOS Version19.04
Product Version0.21.3 
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Summary1923: Could not find the gateway file called 'netcat'
DescriptionIt's constantly giving me the error Could not find the gateway file called 'netcat' every time I try to check live CDPs and live ports in any of the objects.
Steps To ReproduceGo to any of the objects properties and click on any of the following tabs: Live CDP, live LLDP, Live ports
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2019-09-27 17:42


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2019-10-17 21:51

administrator   ~0003995

On the server in the RackTables directory is there a directory named "gateways" with an executable file named "netcat" in it?

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