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1925RackTables802.1Q VLANspublic2019-10-17 23:48
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PlatformUbuntu OSUbuntu OS VersionUbuntu 18
Product Version0.21.3 
Summary1925: VLAN binding to network is restricted in config
DescriptionNot able to add an IP network with vlan ID.

I have tried multiple VLAN IDs and IP address combo's
Steps To ReproduceSimply add an IP range and try to assign a vlan
Additional InformationAlso how do I use the freelists? I tried to send an email to and got nothing back.
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2019-10-16 22:17

administrator   ~0003989

Main page : Configuration : User interface
List of VLAN-related IPv4/IPv6 networks

This option controls whether an IPv4/IPv6 network may be associated with a VLAN. It takes a RackCode expression and tests the network (in this case the one you have just created) with that expression. The default value is an empty string, which has a special meaning "allow anything".

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2019-10-16 23:52

reporter   ~0003991

Can you explain a bit more? I do not understand how that is causing the issue I am seeing. I am sure I just do not understand.


2019-10-17 21:49

administrator   ~0003993

What is the value of VLANNET_LISTSRC?


2019-10-17 23:48

reporter   ~0003999

I was making a mistake and somehow I had 'yes' in the block VLANNET_LISTSRC. Removed and working fine now.

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