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1969RackTablesdefaultpublic2020-05-04 13:43
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Summary1969: Building Wise Rackspace Tabs on Main Page
DescriptionHi Team,
I want to have the multiple Rack space tabs in Main-page, since with the one rackspace tab and loading all the building details in single tab creating slowness to load the page.
Is there an option to have building wise Rackspace Tabs in Main page ?

Thanks in advance.
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2020-04-22 13:54

administrator   ~0004049

How much slowness do you observe (in terms of seconds or milliseconds)?


2020-04-22 15:07

reporter   ~0004051

Hi, thanks for response,
I see 26 seconds to load the full rackspace page and currently i have below entries.

Rows: 126
Racks: 2461
Objects : 3500


2020-04-22 20:40

administrator   ~0004053

This is much slower than expected for this amount of data. It looks like the database server does not have enough resources, please make sure it allocates enough RAM (at least 4-8GB). Here is a starting point to get this done:

This may improve the performance a few times.

In addition to proper memory sizing consider enabling query cache, which is off by default in MySQL 5.7. MySQL 8 lost the query cache feature, so if you need it, it will take either to downgrade to 5.7, or to migrate to MariaDB. It will also improve performance a few times.

If the database server is the main cause of this slowness, the two measures above should make it about 10 times faster than what it is now.


2020-04-23 12:35

reporter   ~0004055

I am using MySQL5.7 and query cache is enabled, still i see the delay.

Appreciate if you can help me to have multiple Rackspace Tabs main page, i may not need other tabs like...IPv4, IPV6 and other tabs in main page.


2020-04-24 16:32

administrator   ~0004057

It would help to understand the exact cause of the problem before trying to work around it. Does the MySQL server have enough RAM? During the 26 second delay what is the busiest element of the server (mysqld CPU, input-output, other process)? Did the problem happen at once or the performance has been degrading over a long time?


2020-05-04 13:43

administrator   ~0004069

If the problem is not important enough to explain, it is also not important enough to keep the issue open. Closing.

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