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1977RackTablesdefaultpublic2020-07-16 12:02
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Product Version0.21.3 
Summary1977: Can't alter a dictionary value
DescriptionIf I enter a value in a dictionary entry, I can't alter it after that. The update seems to be done, but in truth it doesn't. Please have a look also at the attached screenshots.
Additional InformationI noticed in the database and more specifically at the "Dictionary" table, the entries that I can't alter have no value at "dict_sticky" column. Not sure why is that happening or if it's relevant, but I see that these entries cannot be altered.
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2020-07-02 22:26




2020-07-05 01:48

administrator   ~0004115

This is not the expected behaviour, and a likely cause is local differences in the SQL schema, or the PHP code, or both.

Could you post the output of this SQL query?

Do you have means to verify that your installation has exactly the same .php files as in the tarball/zipfile? Are there any plugins or other known non-default modifications?

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