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1989RackTablesVMs/containerspublic2020-09-24 20:37
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Status closedResolutionunable to reproduce 
PlatformWindowsOS2016 Server R2OS Version64 Bit
Product Version0.21.4 
Summary1989: Installed Racktables But when access it receive and Error
DescriptionInstalled Racktables But when access it receive and Error
Fresh Racktables installation but On accessing local host it give me an error
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2020-09-17 11:56


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2020-09-17 22:21

administrator   ~0004187

The attached picture displays the login form, which is the expected behaviour. When you installed RackTables, one of the pages told to log in as user "admin" and a page before that prompted you to set the administrator password. The form is where you use the username and the password to log in. If there is an actual error, please state in detail what exactly it is.

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