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2003RackTablesdefaultpublic2022-08-12 00:06
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Product Version0.21.5 
Summary2003: Reports plugin produces line breaks in exported comments (cvs)
DescriptionThis is a report about:

If there is a line break in comments in Rack Tables, it breaks the exported csv.
Steps To ReproduceHave a comment over multiple lines.

Use the export to cvs function in the reports function: the csv contains line breaks, which makes it hard to import in Excel sheets.
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2021-01-08 17:23

reporter   ~0004249

@infrastation: sorry for the "noise" here in the bugtracker about the plugin code. But I got this as report (and want to work on it) - but did not find the "issue" tab in the corresponding (racktables-contribs) Github repository.

Feel free to assign this issue here to me directly. I will work on it and update the status here later.


2021-01-08 19:59

administrator   ~0004251

Last edited: 2021-01-08 20:00

Oh, well, OK. I don't remember if CSV allows newlines at all, you might have to use < br > or some other substitute to make it correct. Please take your time. Let's see what to do about issue tracking if there are more of them.


2022-08-10 15:25

reporter   ~0004427

@lrupp: I had trouble importing CSV files with newlines to Excel, but Libre Office is fine with newlines in CSV.
So, i suppose newlines are generally supported in CSV.


2022-08-12 00:06

administrator   ~0004431

There is no single definition of CSV, but there are multiple implementations. As another example, LibreOffice happily opens a UTF-8 CSV file without BOM, and Excel both requires and writes BOM in UTF-8 CSV files.

So if you want to change the code, please remember to specify exactly what your use case is (and maybe test other implementations if you can).

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