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2007RackTablesdefaultpublic2021-01-13 16:45
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PlatformLinuxOSRedHatOS Version7
Product Version0.21.5 
Summary2007: Installation Not Detecting PHP
DescriptionHello All,

I am new here so forgive me if I come across as if I don't know what I'm talking about. I have just installed all of the RT prerequisites, when attempting to go through the install I get stopped on step 2 of 7 where it tells me that it cannot find several PHP components even though they're installed and running on the system. Have any of you come across this and if so what did you do to resolve?
Steps To ReproduceI attempted to installl and reinstall several repos as it applies to PHP
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2021-01-12 20:34

administrator   ~0004255

If it is RHEL 7, have you followed the instructions in README? If it is not, how exactly did you install RackTables? In either case, what specifically the error messages are?


2021-01-13 13:38

reporter   ~0004257

good morning. yes I have followed the instructions in the readme and am still getting the error. everything as it applies to the prerequisites appears to have installed without an issue however I still run into problems when trying to install. I am attaching a screenshot of the errors that I am getting as well as an output showing that all of the components are installed.
php1.PNG (226,424 bytes)   
php1.PNG (226,424 bytes)   
php2.PNG (121,562 bytes)   
php2.PNG (121,562 bytes)   


2021-01-13 16:12

administrator   ~0004259

It looks likely that the only thing required to fix this is restarting Apache httpd so it picks the available PHP modules up (should be
systemctl restart apache
or a similar command).


2021-01-13 16:15

reporter   ~0004261

yes, that was it.

Thank you, I now have it installed.


2021-01-13 16:45

administrator   ~0004263

Good, have a nice day!

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