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Summary2013: Installation on a shared environment
DescriptionI would like to ask something regarding the installation. I have install RakTables and run it on a shared environment for more than three years now (started with ver. 0.20.14). My system Admin told me that there are views (under SQL), where a user with higher privileges is used, because the database cannot be operated under the normal user account of the cPanel. Because of that, the application seems not to be design to run on a shared hosting environment, that is not safe and that a big security risk. Could you please explain, confirm or deny, but with the necessary arguments. I would appreciate if I could have an explanation, so I will have a good base, in order to make my decision to move it on a VM.
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2021-02-25 23:00

administrator   ~0004267

RackTables SQL access should work fine regardless if the database server is shared or not. A number of features, including views and triggers, sometimes result in edge cases. That said, it is not possible to reason about a problem that has not been stated. If your sysadmin is not willing to explain (even better to suggest a solution), perhaps the simplest way to achieve the peace of mind would be to migrate to a dedicated server or a VM.


2021-04-08 21:22

administrator   ~0004279

Closing due to lack of problem statement.

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