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2021RackTablesdefaultpublic2021-04-06 15:22
Reporterfdupont Assigned Toinfrastation  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version0.21.4 
Target Version0.22.0Fixed in Version0.22.0 
Summary2021: Permissions on op_deleteObject and typeid do not work

I tried to set a permissions that disallow to delete objects except for some object types. It appears {$typeid_xxxx} is not parsed by the permission system.

Steps To Reproduce1.Set the following permission

allow {$op_deleteObject} and {$typeid_1504}
deny {$op_deleteObject}

2. Create a VM object
3 .Try to delete the object

This returns a "Operation not permitted" message.
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2021-04-04 23:34

administrator   ~0004271

I confirm this reproduces as described and looks like a bug, but have not fully established the reason for this.


2021-04-05 18:11

administrator   ~0004273

I have identified the root cause of this bug.


2021-04-06 15:22

administrator   ~0004275

The next release will include the bugfix, thank you for the bug report.

Related Changesets

RackTables: master b028a8f4

2021-04-06 15:07:39


Details Diff
evaluate {$op_deleteObject} in the right context

op=deleteObject used to live at depot-addmore, which resulted in
fixContext() not adding the current object into the context. Move the
operation to object-edit and fix Mantis issue 2021.

* renderEditObjectForm(): When calling getOpLink(), specify only "op"
and leave the rest to be derived.
* deleteObject(): After deleting the object redirect to depot-addmore
via buildRedirectURL().
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