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2031RackTablesdefaultpublic2021-07-19 00:03
Reporternetniv Assigned Toinfrastation  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version0.21.5 
Target Version0.22.0Fixed in Version0.22.0 
Summary2031: 0.22 terminal_settings override fails with telnet and ios15
DescriptionIf you utilise the terminal_settings() override function, connecting to a device other than ios12 now requires that you also set the "prompt" value of the $params value.
Steps To ReproduceUtilise a device that is not 'ios12', 'air12', 'ftos8' or one of the subsequent case matches in the function queryTerminal (inc/remote.php) that sets $prompt to something other than null.

Override the params in the terminal_settings() function to set protocol to telnet.

See an error about needing the prompt value which gives no real clue as to what to do.
Additional Information$params[0]['prompt'] = '^(Login|[Uu]sername|Password): $|^\S+[>#]$|\[[^][]*\]\? $|\?\s+\[[^][]*\]\s*$|\[confirm yes\/no\]: $'; // set the prompt

The above is needed to maintain consistency with ios12 devices using the same functionality. There should be a function such as getGenericTerminalPrompt which returns the above string value to ensure consistency.
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2021-07-10 13:19

administrator   ~0004311

Thank you for reporting this issue. Could you confirm whether with this workaround IOS 15 works fine with the protocol set to "netcat"?


2021-07-13 17:13

reporter   ~0004313

Not sure on that side because I don't use netcat. The prompt text above was simply taken from the telnet portion of iOS12 that is primed in the main code before calling terminal_settings(). There are two options there, set the prompt if it is null or unset on Telnet types after a call to terminal_settings or move the default checks to after the call to terminal_settings and only prime it if the key does not already exist.


2021-07-13 21:08

administrator   ~0004323

You do not have to use netcat permanently, but to produce a good bugfix it would help if you tried using netcat with the custom IOS 15 prompt above and let me know whether it worked and the minor version number of IOS. Thanks.


2021-07-19 00:03

administrator   ~0004325

The next release will have the default IOS 15 prompt set the same as the one you had configured explicitly (IOS 12 et al.). Regardless of whether netcat works for IOS 15 or not, it has been the default protocol, and there is no change of the default settings to that end. Thank you for reporting this bug.

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