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2067RackTablesdefaultpublic2022-07-18 22:04
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PlatformlinuxOSalmalinuxOS Version8.6
Product Version0.22.0 
Summary2067: No SNMP option/menu on the UI
DescriptionHello, no sure if it's a issue for here, but I don't really know where to ask, I couldn't find information on this anywhere.
I first installed some time ago a 0.21.4 on centos 8.2 version to test the product
it was working fine but I discovered the snmp sync feature while trying the software but unfortunately the setup I made did not allow me to connect to the relevant network to do snmp queries

forward a year later, I upgraded the OS to AlmaLinux 8.6 then Racktables to 0.22, no issue there, and I could migrate the server in the correct environment where snmp acces was possible

the issue : I can't find the SNMP Sync option anymore on my objects between NATv4 and FILE (as I could find on google image)

is there something to enable in the config? or did I break my setup by going to alma?

Additional InformationI already did : setsebool -P httpd_can_network_connect 1
and to be sure it was not some other selinux issue I tried a setenforce 0 to be sure, no change here
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2022-06-10 04:44

reporter   ~0004415

2 things I realized:
existing network switch don't have the snmp sync tab, but a new empty switch does have it, is there a way to make it reappear? (delete/remove? Reset?)
and not all type of hardware have the snmp sync feature, I was trying to add SAN FC Switches, the tab is not there, and some firewalls too (where the standard IF-MIB is used, the snmp sync could work on this hardware maybe?)

this is maybe a normal behaviour but I don't really understand what's what ( it's hard to find comprehensive documentation out there )


2022-06-10 10:50

administrator   ~0004417

The built-in SNMP tab only appears when the object has no ports and its type is either switch, router, wireless or a certain model of APC PDU (see trigger_snmpportfinder() in triggers.php). The built-in SNMP tab does not allow the user to review the new ports before adding, and it disappears afterwards. It works well when you have to initialize a lot of hardware that is properly recognized by RackTables.

There are two plugins in (snmpgeneric.php and snmplive.php), at least one of which works with objects that already have ports and allows the user to decide how much of the live device information to merge into RackTables database. This might be a better match to your problem space.


2022-06-23 20:50

administrator   ~0004419

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