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2091RackTablesdefaultpublic2023-11-19 22:43
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Product Version0.22.0 
Summary2091: Cannot link device in different racks
DescriptionHi all,
is there a way to link devices in different racks that are in different locations ?
I have a datacenter with four rooms(manged with location in racktables),
every room have 6 rows of racks and every row have 10 racks.
Now in the room A row 1 rack 1 there is a router and I want to link a port to a device's port located in room B row 1 rack 1.
Changed the proximity from 0 to different value but there is no way to have in the window to link the port a list of ports not in the same row.
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2023-11-19 21:23

administrator   ~0004511

It is not immediately clear whether this is a bug or the intended behaviour. That said, the port linker pop-up has a form at the top. If you input the object name, uncheck "nearest racks" and run the search, the list should include the expected ports. Does this provide a workaround?


2023-11-19 21:41

reporter   ~0004513

Also with "nearest racks" unchecked the list is empty, i've tried also to use a single location for all the row but not working. The only working situation is when devices are in racks in the same row, but changing to put all the rack in a single row when they are from different rows and from different rooms it's not praticall . Now I'm exploring the php code to understand how this works. I think that this proximity parameter is not clear how it works, and if it possibile to do a real situation....quite confusing.


2023-11-19 22:43

administrator   ~0004515

In case it is not obvious, unchecking "nearest racks" takes the proximity parameter out of the filtering process.

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