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2099RackTablesdefaultpublic2024-05-09 02:12
Reportercharlsant Assigned Toinfrastation  
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PlatformLinuxOSUbuntuOS Version20.04.6
Product Version0.22.0 
Summary2099: Unable to properly install the latest cvs-import plugin for Racktables version 0.22.0 on Ubuntu using Nginx.
DescriptionI have been searching all over the web for the last few days and I am getting ready to give up.
 I've seen this issue posted here (a few years ago) but no actual solution to my issues. Hopefully a good samaritan here comes to my rescue.


I am attempting to install the cvs-import plugin for Racktables version 0.22.0 on an Ubuntu system running Nginx as the web server. However, despite repeated attempts, the installation does not show the plugin on the plugins page. Cacti and Munin show fine.

Medium - This issue prevents the use of the cvs-import functionality within Racktables to onboard a whole bunch of assets.

Please help!

Steps To ReproduceSteps to Reproduce:

Installed Racktables version 0.22.0
Attempted to install the cvs-import plugin using the following new method of creating a folder for the plugin and renaming the php file to plugin.php
After a server restart ( sometimes I do this for sanity check) the plugin is NOT listed
Repeated the installation attempt multiple times (Like a gazillion times).
The cvs-import plugin still doesnt show.
nothing shows on the logs.

Expected Outcome:

The cvs-import plugin should be successfully installed and available for use within Racktables Plugins section.

Actual Outcome:

The cvs-import plugin Does not show.
Additional InformationAdditional Information:

Ubuntu version 20.04.6 LTS
Nginx version 1.18.0
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2024-05-03 14:22

administrator   ~0004551

I am busy right now, but I can have a look later. Meanwhile it would help if you reproduced the problem using Apache and posted the steps to reproduce.


2024-05-07 19:01

reporter   ~0004553

Thank you @infrastation. I am trying on a different distro now. But will try using apache and ubuntu as well.


2024-05-07 21:39

reporter   ~0004555

Ok.. same thing happens on Centos8 with Racktables 0.22.0.. Adding some screenshots


2024-05-08 01:02

administrator   ~0004557

Does renaming "pluging.php" to "plugin.php" fix the problem?


2024-05-08 01:20

reporter   ~0004559

Good catch!
But the problem still persist even after renaming the file and restarting Apache just for kicks.
Attached screenshot.

Also. this is the php code I am adding to that plugin.php file.


2024-05-08 14:21

administrator   ~0004561

In my test on Debian 12 things work as expected: if and only if the correct file is in the correct location and is readable by httpd, the list of plugins in the web interface includes the plugin. The only exemption to this is a broken feedback loop of PHP opcache: if the file was readable earlier and made it into opcache, making it unreadable will not invalidate the cached code. Restarting httpd restores the feedback loop.

Please set up a Debian 12 VM and provide exact steps to reproduce the problem.


2024-05-08 17:22

reporter   ~0004563

Ok.. I will try on Debian.. but just to confirm a few things.
1. The name of the folder that contains the plugin should not matter? the tool should read the plugin.php file and load it.
2. I created the folder with the same structure and permissions as the other default plugins. is that correct?

Thanks again for looking into this.


2024-05-08 17:44

administrator   ~0004565

1. yes
2. yes


2024-05-08 22:49

reporter   ~0004567

Ok.. so did it on Debian and the issue persists. Tried renaming the subdirectory to a different thing and still the plugin does not show.
One interesting thing is that if I rename any of the default plugins they wont show on the list on the GUI.

So far. 3 different distros and same issue..
If I wasn't already bald I would say I've lost all my hair on this.. hehehe.

Attached screenshot for reference.


2024-05-09 00:30

administrator   ~0004569

Thank you for making additional tests. This leads me to realize that I answered [1] above wrong: the name of the directory actually matters. For this plugin the directory name must be "csvimport", not "import" or "csv_import". Excuse me.


2024-05-09 01:50

reporter   ~0004571

That's a critical piece of info that should be added into the comments of all the PHP plugin files. I am sure I am not the only one that has stumbled on this.

Sir. You are a gentlement and a scholar! I appreciate the help on this big time.
I should find a way to buy you beer.



2024-05-09 02:12

administrator   ~0004573

You are welcome, now closing the case as resolved. There is a donation button on if you feel like it.

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