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569RackTablesdefaultpublic2012-06-24 21:21
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Summary569: Linking two switches through patchpanels
We have some switches are connected with each other through patchpanels in different racks.
Is there possibility to see the end connection points with patchpanel ports?
Additional InformationFor example:
SW01:ge-0/0/1 connected directly to Patchanel01:port1 in rack01
Other end of Patchpanel01 is in rack07 so port1 is connected to SW02:ge-0/0/3
Would be better to see connection between ports of switches (sw01:ge-0/0/1 to sw01:ge-0/03 and to see all chain with patchpanel ports).
Is it possible?

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duplicate of 333 assignedadoom42 Add sql to /install/init.structure.sql to create PatchPanelMap table 




2012-06-24 21:21

administrator   ~0000684

Linking patch panels has been discussed in 333 and on the mailing list. The feature hasn't been added yet.

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