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Summary635: Reserve rackspace

I was woundering if it is possible to add a feature to be able to reserve rack space to maybe a dummy device and have a seperatade color. Somthing like the feature "Has problems" but insted you make a dummy device object and have the feature "Reserved" to check and then it is placed in a rack it is colord like yellow or somthing else then green or red. Hope this is possible have seen many posts online regarding pepole looking for this feature.
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duplicate of 677 assignedandriyanov Ability to colour code items in a rack based on a Tag. 




2012-12-27 11:54

reporter   ~0001041

This would be useful for us too. At the moment we assign an object to the rack and then assign the object to every other "U" in the rack. The effect is that the rack looks striped. We then mark "Has Problems" on the object to show different states. It's not a perfect solution, but works with what is there for now.


2013-02-25 00:00

administrator   ~0001163

Navigate to the Rackspace page and click a rack. Then click the Design tab. If some rackspace should be reserved, uncheck the boxes and save your changes. Now those units appear with a light gray color and they may not be used to mount objects.

If that won't serve your needs, please describe in more detail what you want to achieve.


2013-02-25 14:18

reporter   ~0001165

Hi. I'm afraid this doesn't quite cut it for us. Plus it's too many extra steps and we'd still want to assign objects to the rack. I think the absolute ideal solution for us would be to have the ability to set a different colour for an object. That way when we look at rackspace, we can see racks coloured differently for different things (such as client moving in, client moving out, vacant space but with cables still in that space etc).


2013-02-25 17:04

administrator   ~0001167

You want the ability to have objects appear in different colors. That is covered in 677.

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