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725RackTablesSNMPpublic2013-09-30 17:18 Assigned To 
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Product Version0.20.3 
Summary725: cant change object Attributes aftere a snmp sync
Type: Network switch
if a switch is replaced then there is no resnmp sync
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related to 1019 new feature request: late snmp sync 




2013-01-11 17:42

administrator   ~0001093

You are seeing the correct behavior. Once SNMP sync has been run, it cannot be run again to re-sync.

I'm re-categorizing this as a feature request and removing myself. It is a large request which I cannot commit to at this time.


2013-01-11 22:52

administrator   ~0001095

These are two separate issues, but neither is a bug. You see the code properly implementing assumed use patterns:
1. Object type selector depends on the current set of attributes with values, that is, a change of the object type can be done only in a way so that these attributes are permitted for the new type as well. Once an attribute that is specific to a network switch is assigned a value, the type is auto-locked to network switch. Try this on a test object and you will see.
2. SNMP sync is currently a one-time procedure and RackTables' concept of an "object" in most cases stands for a physical object. Once a switch is replaced with another switch, it is considered correct to create another network switch object and run the sync for it. The replaced switch can be deleted or parked in an equivalent of warehouse.

If you consider these use patterns not up to the job, please make your arguments to the racktables-users mailing list. I am closing this bug.

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