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995RackTablesdefaultpublic2018-11-15 09:56
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Summary995: mobile friendly webpage or app
DescriptionMake a mobilefriendly webpage.
Then, maybe an app?

I'm thinking scanning barcodes/QR on equipment and cables to get info about status and desinations/connections.

This would make it the best datacenter organizer for SMB.
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2013-08-28 11:59

reporter   ~0001725

I would love to see this implemented.

I'd go even one step further and suggest migrating the UI to an open framework such as Twitter Bootstrap (or similar). We'll get things like mobile-first or type-ahead-search (in lists) implicitly and would be able to implement proper MVC with that change as well.

More of a long-term project, but I might be able to help!


2013-08-29 16:00

administrator   ~0001727

Is anybody willing to do this work?


2013-08-29 16:31

reporter   ~0001729

As I said, I might be able to take this on. I need to check if I can get some time & resources (students) to work on this.

Would you be committed to - basically - (have somebody) completely rework the UI ?


2013-08-29 16:52

administrator   ~0001733

Now I see, thank you. There's already a similar work in progress by Mark Jazmik:

It is also based on Bootstrap. Does this address the initial concern in a way? Would you like to help Mark?


2013-08-30 10:00

reporter   ~0001735

I just had a look at it and it seems great so far! I bet a ton of work already went into that!

Can you put me in touch with Mark so that we can discuss his goals and how we could potentially work together? I would like to take this as an opportunity to address some usability quirks as well ...

Is there a plan to merge it back into master at some point?


2013-08-30 12:15

administrator   ~0001737

E-mail sent. I would like to merge this work, but I don't understand how complete it is.


2013-09-16 13:37

reporter   ~0001755

is there any news about this? I would love to see some progress with racktables. New UI and features..


2013-09-16 13:42

reporter   ~0001757

I am working on upgrading Mark's work to Bootstrap 3 - to really start fresh when starting fresh ...

I do not have an eta yet as I am also busy with some other Racktables related projects that currently have priority ...


2014-02-04 15:59

reporter   ~0002173

Any news here?

Racktables is great, but is surely in a need of better workflow and design.


2014-05-21 11:57

reporter   ~0002327


I really prefer over the standard interface.

Have you heard back from the author?


2014-06-06 21:16

administrator   ~0002345

It is being reviewed.


2018-11-15 09:56

administrator   ~0003865

All work on this feature eventually ran into the ground. Mark jazmik stopped working on his solution, and I later had declined the work produced by the students of Thomas Uhde, as it involved exploding the file tree into hundreds of files, thus affecting maintainability. There were no other volunteers willing to work on this, and this is one of the oldest "unassigned" bugs in this bug tracker, thus closing.

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