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Summary715: Ability to organize components

it could be nice to be able similar style like Ethernet ports add device components o objects...
Like name, type, serial number or some way like user modified field for components...
It is usable forevidence of harddrives, RAM, NIC / SC cards etc.

Thank You
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2013-03-04 20:14

reporter   ~0001227

I wanted to add some notes/ideas on adding hard drive and RAID information. I currently have created new attributes to track these. Some of our Dell servers have an additional RAID controller for DAS connections, so I created additional entries for that second card.Since it would be difficult and clunky to track each HDD, for the "Num. HDDs" attribute, I enter data like this, "6 x 300GB 10k". Ideally this would be broken out so that RPMs and size are individual items. Remember to make an exception for SSDs with regards to RPMs.

Num. HDD bays - integer
Num. HDDs - string
RAID -Driver Version - string
RAID -Firmware Version - string
RAID -Model - drop down
RAID Driver Version (2nd Card) - string
RAID Firmware Version (2nd Card) - string
RAID Model (2nd Card) - drop down

2013-06-13 15:21

reporter   ~0001521

Last edited: 2013-06-13 15:24

can there be a Page called Sub-objects and a table for sub object( couple of attibuites, map these sub-object entries to Object table entries.

the sub-object has entries like hard disks and etc. and can verify the log where this was mapped or relocated etc

will these subobjects have asset ids

will these subjects be searchable (as if an virtual resource that can be mapped and can be found form search)

2013-08-07 13:34

reporter   ~0001711

Hi all
any suggestions on this please

2013-08-20 12:02

reporter   ~0001715

Please find the image that i have uploaded, we could be able to create equipment list and assign this to the individual object.


2014-04-23 18:15

reporter   ~0002269

I'd love something like this as well. It would be very useful for compliance reasons.


2014-06-23 12:25

reporter   ~0002363

Sounds perfekt, i want it. Need to document raid configurations.

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