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Summary889: Subobjects
Descriptionwe have a senario to track hard disks and interface cards etc
we have over 1300 servers in our data centers, we need to keep track of the sub-assets.

Page called Sub-objects and a table for subobject( couple of attibuites)
map these sub-object entries to Object table entries.

the sub-object has entries like harddisks and etc. and can verify the log where this was mapped or relocated etc
Steps To Reproducesecondly when a object is edited and the history doesn't show what was the change
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duplicate of 715 new Ability to organize components 


2013-06-12 20:13

reporter   ~0001515

Sorry Adoom42

This is not a duplicate of 0000715 as
the sub-objects are not strings but an entity similar to Object.which can be mapped to a objects.

if it is a string entity we can create a Attribute and assign to the object

Thank you

2013-06-12 20:16

reporter   ~0001517

Last edited: 2013-06-12 20:17

I Am looking forward to see these subojects as an entity similar to ipv4 Space
where we could define it and map to the devices and remap it to some other
and we can track the history of mappings.

And these Subojects will have asset tags and could be tracked.



2013-06-12 23:31

administrator   ~0001519

Yes, it is a duplicate. 715 asks for the ability to represent components as sub-objects. It mentions one of your examples: hard drives. He/she described it slightly differently, but the desired end result is the same - sub-objects. Please don't re-open this ticket.

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