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496RackTablesdefaultpublic2018-11-04 23:44
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Product Version0.19.10 
Target Version0.21.0Fixed in Version0.21.0 
Summary496: logout did not work as expected
DescriptionWhen i click "here" to logout i get the Login Prompt as expected. If i cancle that i get the "This system requires authentication. You should use a username and a password." message. But now i can use the browser back button and i don't have to login again, the previous logged out user is login in again without entering any username and password.

Logout only works correctly if i use Firefox.
With Opera and IE logout doesn't work.
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2012-02-18 08:27

administrator   ~0000614

Alexey, could you check with your browsers? Thank you.


2012-04-13 10:08



I can verfiy this bug with svn version 5042.

Chrome and Firefox correctly purge their authorization caches after receiving a 401 status. However Opera and IE (didn't verify the last one) don't do that. The problem arises because every page in racktables can handle http based authorization ( not just one login page ).


2012-04-15 08:48

administrator   ~0000645

Hannes, Alexey, can you replace HTTP authentication with a login form and cookie?


2014-06-12 18:52

reporter   ~0002351

i am facing the same issue with firefox also.while i logout in chrome , it works but logout actually does not happen and i am able to go inside. i am using the latest version


2014-08-06 19:55

reporter   ~0002439

While using Chrome and 0.20.8 I can hit the [logout] link, but then it immediately asks for my user/pass again. However, it won't authenticate even when I enter a valid username and password. I have to click the logout link, close the tab, and then open a new one to log in again. It obviously logs me out, but the authentication prompt should either (a) work after logging out or (b) return me to a login page. I personally think a login page w/cookies would be a good way to go.


2016-01-13 21:06

reporter   ~0003103

I ran into this on Firefox 43.0.4, and in Chrome Version 47.0.2526.106 m
 as well.

With Firefox, hitting "logout" would take me to the root of the server http://servername/?logout, and wouldn't actually log me out. Then I had problems actually authenticating to get back in if it did (just kept on prompting me to login, even when I was entering copy / pasted credentials that I knew were correct). In Chrome, after I logged out, I couldn't log back in again until I had cleared the browser settings.

This is a show stopper for deployment. The folks where I'm looking at putting this into production are leery of "unsupported" open source software, and are all about "ease of use". I can use this myself with the workarounds, but I can't share this out.


2016-01-14 09:06

reporter   ~0003105

for possible solution


2016-06-01 15:22

reporter   ~0003215

While testing another feature i again stumbled upon this annoying logout behaviour.
Any progess on this?


2016-12-14 20:26

reporter   ~0003523

Last edited: 2016-12-14 21:04

I am seeing this on version 0.20.11 newly installed on Ubuntu 14.04.5.

Browers tested on a Windows 10 64bit laptop

Firefox 50.0.2
Chrome 54.0.2840.99 m (64-bit)
Internet Explorer 11.0.10240.16384


On Firefox and Chrome clicking the logout takes me from http://racktables-server/racktables to http://racktables-server/logout?
Clicking back button takes me back to logged in status (as admin). Changing URL manually does the same.

On Internet Explorer the logout button just doesn't work - is not clickable.

I have tried this on a vanilla setup using

$user_auth_src = 'database';
$require_local_account = TRUE;

And an attempt at LDAP setup using

$user_auth_src = 'ldap';
$require_local_account = FALSE;

I've read through the wiki under both local auth and the Shibboleth sections but as local authentication is doing this I assume a bug? If it *is* expected behaviour then a message about it in the wiki along with a suggested workaround (in laymans terms) would benefit users. User tleavitt mentions workaround but i've not found what that workaround is - if anyone would care to share?

regards Kiweegie.



2017-09-11 14:36

administrator   ~0003705

RackTables 0.21.0 will include two bugfixes to this problem, this should make the currently implemented basic HTTP authentication work as good as it can (solves the problem for me on FireFox and Chrome). If any current browser still fails to log the user out after 0.21.0 please open a new bug report as this issue has been open since 2011 and it already means more than one problem and more than one solution. Closing.

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